In 2012, I gave up bookselling to work on the world’s greatest library, better known as the web. I fell in love with problem solving, learning new things, and of course HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

My passion is writing clear, maintainable CSS and I'm currently studying design, user experience, and accessibility. Recently, I’ve been primarily using React, but I love learning new frameworks and languages and believe in using the best tool for the job (and the team).

I have a lot of experience bringing a site from idea to deployment, and doing rapid feature development while juggling multiple deadlines all within an agile(-ish) environment. My time working in agencies proved I can do it all (front end, back end, native apps, acting as lead, and managing deployment). My time as a freelancer showed that I thrive in an environment that allows me a great deal of independence, but I do my best work when part of a highly-collaborative, cross-functional team. I’m passionate about building beautiful products that work well for everybody, and I’m driven by the potential usefulness of my work and derive meaning from the degree to which I can help people.